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On the 16th of October 2014, I lost my darling son Saagar to suicide. Since then I have developed a keen interest in the workings of young minds, their design, their expression and their challenges. I have also come to learn about the NHS and its limitations when it comes to looking after young people. I am now a Mental health activist and educator, a qualified trainer in Youth Mental Health First aid and have trained many teachers to identify students in difficulty at an early stage. Through writing and speaking, I endeavour to engage with as many people as I can so that we can work together to prevent young suicide through raising awareness and reducing stigma.

I empower people with skills so that they can understand  the vulnerabilities of those around them and be aware of their own fragility. I aim to enhance the confidence of carers by supporting them with knowledge on how to interface with services and resources. I also work with bereavement families, enabling them to cope with their pain.


A very powerful talk, it is so important to highlight the stresses that we all face every day. Thank you for sharing your own experiences of mental health issues with us - it must be so difficult to talk about, but it really helped to show how relevant these issues are to us all.

- Attendee junior doctor on 'Understanding Resilience'.

You brought deeply moving impressions for years to come, galvanising commitment for renewed political action towards urgently needed legislative health/justice and education sector policy and culture change. -Fergus Cumisky. CEO. Contact NI.

Conversation with Dr Dele Olajide, a Consultant Psychiatrist. (

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