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Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK.

This fact should be known to each and every person and yet, despite being a medical professional, I only discovered it after the tragic death of my son, Saagar.

Thousands of people are affected by suicide each year and very few receive the support they need in an appropriate way at the time they need it.

Here I hope to share my thoughts, blog, talks and publications in the hope that it will be helpful for those affected by suicide. I dream of a world free of suicide and I believe that suicide is generally preventable if communities are connected and aware.

I speak to a variety of audiences such as teachers, parents, organisations and workplaces to raise awareness of Adolescent mental health, Suicide and its prevention and Bereavement support.

Prevention of Young Suicide


Bereavement support

Churchill Fellowship Report 2019

Bridging the gaps in Suicide Prevention



My Champion, Me.

Speaking about Self-compassion to a large group of bereaved parents at the invitation of The Compassionate Friends. UK. February 2021.

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